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Google My Business

When looking for products or services in your local area (be it a solar panel, feeds for your pet, a plumber, or a repair service), online shoppers and other residents normally turn to the internet to find what they need. Sure, personal recommendations can help in finding such products and services, but majority of the time people turn to search engines to do online search.

If you’re a small business owner who operates locally, you need to take advantage of one of Google’s helpful tools for marketers – Google My Businesses (GMB). Similar to the other tools in Google’s library, the certain tool is entirely free. This makes GMB the perfect marketing tool for small or new local businesses with limited resources.

How do you get started with Google My Business? To begin using the tool, you simply need to sign up. You’ll be directed to your GMB dashboard where you can enter your business information such as phone number, business category, website, etc. Complete all the required information and make sure that they are accurate and consistent with the information provided at your business website, directories and social media accounts.

You also have to include images because Google wants to see your business’ images (make sure they are of high quality) both internal and external for verification. Another reason why adding images is important so that users have become incredibly visually driven so the better your images, the more likely they are to get in contact.

Google My Business provides the means to reach consumers when they are searching keywords related to what your business does. If you want to rank high on your local search results, you need to optimisation strategies. You need to be aware of the many ranking factors such as reviews containing to your target keywords, click-through rates, your target keywords and more.

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