Millions of plastic bags are used every hour in Australia. This means that every home and office in this country consumes and disposes massive amount of plastic every day. These plastic blogs have been a major problem not only to domestic cleanliness, but to commercial cleanliness as well.

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Although recycling has grown over the past several decades, only 13% of plastic bags are recycled. This is because it costs needed to process and recycle one ton of plastic bags is too expensive that can only be sold on the commodities market a much lesser value.

The rest of these plastic bags end up in our rivers, lakes, streams and landfills or even in our oceans. Of course, this has a dramatic effect to our environment particularly to our wildlife. According to some research, about a million of birds die each year due to plastic bags ending up in our natural environment. Polluted bodies of water result in the death of native fish and other fresh water wildlife.

For many years, environmental individuals and organisations around the world have been making people aware of these problems. However, many countries, states and local municipalities are just now beginning to regulate, or in some cases, ban the use of plastic bags.

Today, 8 countries around the world have enacted complete bans with the use of plastic bags. Unfortunately Australia is not one of them.

On the other hand, we can still help preserve our nature and wildlife by using compostable bags instead of the plastic ones.

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